Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Ah. It's offical. I don't keep up with blogs well. Forgive me? wrap up stuff that's happened since my last post? Well....I broke up with teh boyfriend about a week before Thanksgiving. It wasn't pretty...relations with him since then have been pretty much nonexsistant. I know that hurt him a lot, but.....he and I didn't fit right. I can only hope that he finds someone else. But since he goes to RIT and the guy to girl ratio is 5:1.....He better get a social life. Sayanara, Chris. Nano failed miserably. I got to 8000 something words and then hit the biggest block ever. Of which I didn't break until just recently, sadly enough. Though, I think I'll have better luck this year. Been working on a plot that I really, really love and should be able to go right through it. As for the kittens, all but one has been adopted, and we're working on getting the last one adopted. Ali Baba's (his name) a handful though. He's still absolutely adorable. No job as of yet. STILL. Dammit. Tash is coming again this summer! Woooo! And hopefully bringing a Craig-unit with her. *grins* It'll be a fuuuuun week. And that's about it. See you later when it's possibly not so late. Bleh.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Whoosh.....Wait...that was Fall?

Yeah, similar title to last post, but it makes sense.
Boatloads of stuff has happened....some of it I wouldn't mind going into, some of it I wish it had never happened.
This post'll probably be short. I've been typing all night and my fingers and hands are killing me. If I don't have carpal tunnel now, I will soon.
Mostly this fall has dealt with College and interpersonal relationships. College is going well. Only two classes makes it easier to manage. Note to self: Write down Astronomy observations for tonight before bed...
Interpersonal relationships.

Let's just say I'm not on Cloud Nine anymore with the boyfriend. From the MSN chats with him, he's ignoring the elephant in the room, and I can't help but stare at it, even if I don't say anything. This leads to slight lies and fibs...*groans* What went wrong? (Is learning to hate that three w sentence)
I won't be able to do anything concrete with him till I see him Thanksgiving week. Or sometime thereabouts. I didn't know it was possible to want something and dread it just as much at the same time. I love him, I do, and I don't want to hurt him, but I might have to because he needs to learn a valuable lesson. And then there's his sister and mom. I genuinely like them. They're great people, even if they have the short end of the stick in life. Anything I may do with the boyfriend will ultimately affect (effect? My grammar fails me at this point) them as well. --_--.

In Other News:
It's November. Therefore, it is NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. Should I say international? It's worldwide now. Has been for a few years. Anyway, the idea is simple. Write 50,000 words in one month. This is something I'm finding a lot harder to do than say. It's offically Nov. 9th ('bout 1:23 am) and I have 6,807 words. I am just under 8,200 behind.
The reason this is just so very important to me is that this plot that is going to be the first of three book has been culminating in my head for onto three years now. I started in '08, and barely got 1400 words in. Next year I got 0 words in. This year I am going all the way and nothing is going to stop me. Now if I can just get 8,000 words in one day, I'll be good. *groans some more*
In Other Other News:
Four of the six kitten have been given away, and so has their mother. My wishes and prayers go with them.
My best friend broke up with her boyfriend of three years and immediately hooked up with another guy. Don't know what to make of it. Will have some idea when I see her tomorrow.
Got to go to Ocean City MD, for five days, which I haven't been able to do for a couple years. I missed the place. Got to see a friend that I hadn't seen in a while either.
Still no job, still in dire need of one. Don't know what to do on that front. I am so tired of submitting applications and getting NO's very depressing.
Aaaaannnnd, that about sums it up. Any questions?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

*WOOSH* Wait...was that summer?

So, when was my last update? I told you I wouldn't update this much....

So, shall I list what has happened?

  1. Tash came over for two-fun filled weeks in which we:
    -saw a litter of kittens born and had to take care of them.
    -did lots of fanfiction planning/plotting
    -Got sugar high....multiple times.
    -Saw Avatar The Last Airbender movie...the PAAAAIIIIIIINNNNN (three times) I never want to see that movie again. I want to pretend it never happened it was that bad.
    -Went to Hershey Park all day
    -Saw Val for three days
    -Went to the historical district and did a lot of window shopping
    -Went to DC for the museams and ended up doing some shopping
    -Went to the local fair
    -fed cats
    -Attempted to fit 30 hours into a 24 hour day. Actually doable, but exhausting. I don't recommend doing it more than twice.
  2. Another thing that happened. I got asked out. I don't think I've ever been on such an emotional high for so long. Haaaaaaappppppppppppppppy!!!!! But teh boyfriend is now at R.I.T....I miss him.....Hopefully I see him soon....Then I get to kiss him senseless...heheee...
  3. Other things...Getting lots of fanfiction writing done for the Society. Lots and lots. Keeping up on cat messes, and starting college all over again. Yeap. That's everything in a nutshell.

Yeah, this summer was the busiest and most fun I've had in my life. Can I have another one like this?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wonder in Fear

All right. I'm not trying to be as emo as that title says. I swear.
Here's the story for background:
I was waiting in between classes, I think it was about last week. (Dates have started to blurr lately. Can't remember what I ate for dinner two days ago) It was nice outside. Sun was shining, there was a slight breeze, it was warm. All good things. So I sit down on a bench in a grassy area to read and pass the time.
All of an effing sudden this huge bumblebee comes flying near me. Thing was the size of a lima bean. I'm slightly allergic to the things. Nothing life threatening, or I'd be carrying an epi-pen around with me everywhere. But whatever gets stung tends to swell to twice its size. This bee decided that I would make a good landing pad and landed on my left wrist. And it stayed there. For about two minutes. I had an iPod in my ears, the song was about 3 minutes long, and it was there most of the song.
So. It sat there. It even tasted me. Saw the proboscus(SP?) come out. (Thank you Magic School Bus) I obviously tasted good because it stayed there. Anyways. Point of this.
My adrenalin went up when the thing got near me, and shot through the roof when it landed on me. But there's a point in time when the absolute fear disapates for a moment, and every detail comes into absolute focus. A certain amount of wonder comes in, and is only magnified when the event is over.
That bee...such a thing of wonder. They have a certain amount of weight, and you can feel it, not like the weightlessness of a fly or mosquito. Tangible, I guess would be the word. Bee wings are very transparent, but they do have a color to them, black, or maybe a dark brown.
And, of course, bees are fuzzy. I remember feeling the fuzzy. And, delicate. I remember looking at the legs a lot. When I wasn't staring at its back end hoping it wouldn't sting me. The legs are so very, very tiny. It's hard to comprehend just how well things work out in nature, when you get a close look.
Looking back at it, that bee was a thing of such beauty.
I think I'll still be afraid of yellowjackets and wasps-they are mean buggers and should not be messed with. They have tempers. But Bees? I don't think I'll be so afraid of them anymore. They're just too beautiful.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Waiting....It's only May, darnit!

There have been times where I'm completely content with life and willing just to live day by day. And there have been times where I've wanted time to slow down, either to enjoy something more, or to put something off. (There's the procrastinator in me....)
And finally, the other extreme, the impatient waiting for something in the future to hurry up and get here, damn it!
Now, I've gotten pretty good at getting through weeks to the weekends without loosing my mind. It's just a constant reminder that Friday gets closer every day. It helps when you're in college rather than public school because of the class schedual. Not the same thing Every. Bleedin'. Day.
Anyway. A friend of mine is visiting from England, and I really can't wait to see her. *bounces* But she's not coming till the very end of June. And it's only the beginning of May. *twitch* I'd explode with impatience if that didn't mean I wouldn't see her.
((Breathe, hun, breathe. Only a couple weeks ago it was April. Time is passing. Just very slowly. Very...very slowly))
Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!*runs in circles and then hits a wall*
Till next time?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cost Differences

It's odd, the way flights are priced, depending on where your starting point is. To go from the US to London is over $1000, but to go from London to the US, it's under $600.
Mind, this is round trip, and economy class.
But either way, it's shocking, and just that little bit unfair. Makes it just that little bit harder for someone to travel.
It's interesting, and just that little bit disconcerting, watching a relationship from the outside, looking in. Watching it, pull apart, ever so slowly, like taffy being pulled, stretched too far.
I am a Watson in a Holmes/Watson friendship, and I am watching it fall apart. Holmes has gotten too caught up in his case, and has left Watson in the fog choked allies of London. Would--should?--Watson follow, or turn home?
And the real clencher--does Holmes realize he's left Watson behind?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Seeing the Future Through My Mother's Eyes.

Ok. So. Another random factoid about my life. My mom could easily be considered a senior citizen. She is at most restaurants.
She once got called my grandmother at Ocean City. I found this extremely amusing. She didn't.

Anyway. She was looking out the window of our house, at a large group of kids walking by. She shook her head and I asked her why.
To paraphrase, she was disgused at the fact that they were dressed sloppily, rude, inconsiderate, and any other manner of negative adjectives.
Now, I've had the unfortunate experience of having had to walk by these kids. All those adjectives in the line above? Completely true. When a 10 year old can cuss better than a high-school senior, you know something's wrong.
My point is, my mom is really starting to remind me of the 'unsociable old person' that tends to turn into a hermit in the movies.
I'm not all that sure of what my reaction should be. I love my mom, but......

Another reason for this post? I see the world's future crashing down around me. The world is screwed if the future is left to them. No such thing as common decency anymore.
Is this one of those times where if you don't laugh, you cry?
Lord help us all.

Song of the moment:
Dust in the Wind by Kansas

I close my eyes, only for a moment, and the moment's gone
All my dreams, pass before my eyes, a curiosity
Dust in the wind, all they are is dust in the wind
Same old song, just a drop of water in an endless sea
All we do, crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see

Dust in the wind,
All we are is dust in the wind

Don't hang on,
Nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky
It slips away, all your money won't another minute buy

Dust in the wind,
All we are is dust in the wind